Wednesday, December 24, 2008

langkawi besh

the place that u must visit at langkawi :
  1. dayang bunting marble + eagle feeding
  2. cabel car - oriental village
  3. 7 wells waterfalls
  4. underwater world
  5. mahsuri mausoleum
  6. cenang beach
  7. langkawi crocodile farm

i just arrived home..soo tired but i am very very happy x )
went 2 langkawi on thursday n hav been there bout 3days 2nite..
otw back, we all stay at alor star...1st time ate at restoran berputar menara alor star
wat nice view there.... x )
then my parents droped me at sremban coz i had an intrview for maths lecturer at negeri college
actually my 1st plan, i wanna go back home after my intrview over but my cousin persuaded me 2 stayed there another 2days..then i agreed
hehehe..... x )

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