Monday, January 12, 2009

1st move

2day xtvt :
  1. send mama to school
  2. payed bills at TM
  3. hoooorey!!!!! went to nstp jb for collect free ticket to GENTING
  4. went to ppd JB - fill cikgu ganti form
  5. bought rasamas at jusco tmn U just bcoz wanna ate ayam percik ..hehe
  6. solat at home
  7. send nadiah to school
  8. take mama from school

am i a good daughter+sister??

i dont know what to do at home if i'm alone

i don't know why ayah cant let me go..i want to work

i want to find my own job..

i want to have my own career wish is i find it myself..

but how could i... i just a child


Monkey D Luffy said...

kanak2 riang kot... hehehe

13may said...

bagus bagus :)

Jovial Diamond said...


jiji najiy said...

monkey d luffy :
dolu2 time stad sllu pkai kanak2 riang tuh...hehe
skg da dok umah, da xjmpe mbr2 da..
skg jadi org gaji daa..
xde mknenye kanak2 riang daa..huhu

13may :
aku anak yg baek...ehek
xpe...taat pd ibubapa

jovial diamond :
jovial a.k.a riang ria
aku ingt sape la td..
tgk pic da, mcm aunt intan faraha
tgk name plak, ish sape nih???

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