Sunday, May 31, 2009

c902 -__-

no update, no dropped by, no blogging, no gossiping

I just got my new baby, c902 . I bought this phone wif my own salary.. alhamdulillah . Then we had our dinner at Banafe's Restorant at jalan Abdullah Tahir . Our meal ofcoz laa Nasi Ayam Penyet.. soo YUUMMMMYYYY!!!!! The best ayam penyet in town =) . Oppssssss.... Get back into our topic, i hav been 'silent mode' for a long time . Am i??? huhuhu . Dont know why, all da blogging crazy gone wif da 'lesson time' . Hooray..... school holiday started. yeahhoooo!!!!!! . I can be a fulltime rework worker then going for sweetYETcrazy vacation . Ayah planning to go to London .

BUT.. i hav my own plan

1. KL-genting-sg. gabai
2. shopping - Singapore+Indon
3. helping a'aa for her engagement day

p/s : just wondering why AH keep on silent for da whole day.... uhuk x (

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