Saturday, February 28, 2009

MAMAku sayang

to our best mama in the world :: i love u soo much :: even i'm the queen of stubborn daughter :: angah really really hope that we'll be together, loving each other all the times :: actually a week b4 ur birthday, i had planned with nadia that i gonna make surprise party for u, my beloved mother :: nadia suggested to buy shawl for u but i refused because of mama have a lot of shawl :: then we decided to buy sweet dress for u :: we want mama wearing that dress during
a'an's wedding

i'm soo fussy
thanx alot to maziah a.k.a kasih the yumyummy cupcakes maker :: my family really enjoyed ur handmade :: the storyline was about the childish son+daughters which is love their mother :: hopefully ur business will be expand n become bigger, bigger n bigger :: the whole family said thank you to u :: next time if there is other occasion or event, i would make ordering from u
cute+delicious cupcakes
from us for u mama with LOVE

actually i've planned that to make surpise party for mama :: i already informed my bro+sis to come back home for this weekend :: ayah?? already at home :: mama?? came back home late juz like usual :: nadia+adeq?? tuition n still at school :: me?? busy prepared asam pedas ayam for our dinner :: but by that time, nabil went to jusco bought side dish n came back home late :: went abglong wanna go to surau to perform isya', he discovered that our motor (utk ke surau shj coz everybody dun have motor licence) had been occured kecalaran, accident mayb :: he keep on babbling n spoiled the mood of the party :: soo i decided to eat my meal upstairs

p/s : working time then enjoy urself


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...


lawanya cupcakes tu sayang!!

teringin pula..

happy birthday to your Mama!

may God bless her forever and always..

Kasih said...

thankz jiha 4 d wish...

insyallah moga termakbul doa tu...


neway nice to meet u...

lya said...

eppy besday untie ;)

lya said...

eppy besday untie ;)

zali said...

selamat hari lahir...

jiji najiy said...

to zara :
i ordered that cupcakes from student UTM

sedap+enak.. if u teringin dia de wat jual2 kt UTM

try laa

here her blog :

to kasih :
amin... x )

to lya :
tenkiu lya.. i'll be send ur regard to her

Blog Anuar Kamaruddin™ said...

so sweetttttttttt ;D

AiE bAhRi said...

happy besday to mama jijie...

moga bahagia dan panjang umur..

mademoiselle azieshakespeare said...

nak juga cupcakes tuh, eheheh :D

jiji najiy said...

to nuar :
sweet n sour

to aie :
amin.. alhamdulillah

to azie :
jom dtg umah
de lagi nih

eriezreen said...

Jihaa , bli katne cupcakes tu ? I want to buy it .

jiji najiy said...

utk saper???


adakah muaz??

adakah ur mom or dad??

adakah diriku....
[owh xmasuk dlm list]

Anonymous said...

love cuppies

eriezreen said...

Haah nk bg jiha laa . Jom kite ngedateeee~~ Nak nek kete bru jihaaaa~~

jiji najiy said...

to anonymous :
love cuppies only??
how bout me....

to erin :
moh tgk bigjam esk
tp td i jmpe xtrange kt cs
huh... ensemnye andy

momentinlife said...

oh sggh sedap cuppy cake itu!~
ni yg buat nk gi Stapak ni..hehe

*salamz =D

jiji najiy said...

wasalam.. x )

erm what for..

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